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In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

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A new way of learning for anyone, from anywhere, at anytime and at any price.

Start learning today from top instructors across the Globe at your own flexible time and flexible price.

For a career transition or upgrading your skills, XERAedge provides a wide range of categories for you to choose at your own pace. The website connects millions of learners to a virtual community. You are offered with a variety of subjects both academic and general, by paying nothing to paying as much as you want and hence our unique selling proposition is “Learn at your own price”.

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We believe, we all have a skill to teach and knowledge to share and so we welcome all the trainers across the Globe to come and be a part of this huge platform. With interactive options, we provide invaluable resources for both the instructors and the learners. The essential part of the way of the learning we provide is that, you get access to a number of instructors who are well versed in their respective skills.

Our website is stark and simple, and therefore user-friendly. We take it a step further by allowing you to pay at your own convenience and avail the learning as per your budget.

Great learning begins with XERAedge. We believe in quality, honest and unique teaching solutions. We hope you will be inspired by the constant new additions to the platform.

We have a dedicated Administrative Team for you with proactive support at every step of the way. We love to hear your thoughts and feedback so don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact our team at hello@xeraedge.com.